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This page will feature poems that our Son Jonathan has written. Some of which have been published!

Moon lit sky

I stare into the moon lit sky,

It stares right back with piercing eye,

It knows my mind and continues to learn,

My thoughts, my feelings and what I yearn,

It understands the pressure I face,

The expectance upon me and its increasing pace.

Is it my pain that it’s hearing,

Or is it just some eerie leering?

As it imposes itself upon my private thought,

Could it be an unconscious help I’ve sought?

Is this the god of which I have heard so much,

Or is it the devil’s twisted clutch,

Trying to emphasis my expanding rage,

Cornering me into this hellish cage,

But this of course has become my world,

And with no escape I have shall become curled…

Compressed and forced into ‘fitting in’,

Made to believe the social sin,

How I may act, learn and be,


Will this be kept between you and me?

So here I stand as I quietly sigh,

This shall be our secret…moon lit sky.

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