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We at Lanebern take great care where we place our puppies. The information requested below is to help us to make the transition for the puppy as gentle as possible from the puppys mother to YOU, its new family. These questions may appear detailed, but we would not be doing our job (in our opinion) properly without knowing as much as possible about the family the dog/pup will be spending the rest of his/her life with & be able to advise you accordingly.

By asking these detailed questions about your home & family members etc, we can help YOU make the correct decisions on whether a St Bernard or is the type of dog that you would really like to join your house & lifestyle.

A St Bernard puppy is very cute, fluffy & appealing, but when that pup turns into a 65+KILO juvenile, he/she can devastate a house in minutes if not properly cared for or trained!

Saints can be and are energetic & destructive. They need training & attention. A St Bernard is NOT for the houseproud. YES you can have a tidy home & still own a Saint or 2, BUT they do shed hair twice yearly (you can fill 2 black bin bags from ONE dog!), dribble when hot or recently eaten or drank, and black clothing is ousted from your wardrobe!

ALL our puppies KC Registrations are endorsed to protect them. These are: 1) Progeny not eligible for Registration - This means that breeding is NOT allowed from any puppy. 2) Not eligible for Export - This means that the puppy(ies) are not allowed to be exported out of the UK without prior permission in writing from us, the breeders. We may occasionally allow puppies to be exported to other countries. Please contact us if you wish to purchase a puppy for export.

**Please note: A Sales contract will be required to be signed by both parties in order to protect both you as the new owner & us as the breeder of any puppy/dog. The contract will also clearly state a return to breeder clause if you are for ANY reason unable to keep your puppy. A Home check/visit may be required before placing any puppy.

The price of our puppies are £1200.00. Our puppies are reared within a home environment, with us their breeder. They are KC registered, given their 1st vaccinnation, Microchipped & given 4 weeks Insurance. They also come with a puppy pack and you will be required to sign a sales contract. Please do not Enquire unless you are serious about owning a puppy. Time wasting serves no purpose and hinders a puppies chance of being placed with their forever families at the apporopriate age for learning & socialising.

** If you live in private rented accommodation & you state permission has been granted by your landlord to have a St Bernard, a copy of this in writing will be required & verified prior to any puppy being placed**

Have you filled in the required * above, before Submitting? If not this email cannot be sent! Please check.




LANDLINE Telephone Number*

Email Address (MUST be Valid)*

My Home is:*

Will the dog/puppy have to encounter going up & down stairs/steps on a daily basis?*

If the answer to the above question is YES, please give details:

My Home is a:*

If the property has a garden for the dog, is this SECURELY FENCED? (by this we mean at least 6ft in height with no gaps)*

If answer to above is Needs work, please give details here

Are you married, permanent relationship or single?*

Are their Any children resident in the Home or visit regularly?*

If So, please state the age range (s)

Are their Any other pets in the home or that Visit regularly? Please state below*

Please can you give us details of any previous dog ownership/care if any:*

Have you ever owned or looked after a St Bernard or any other Giant Breed Before? Please give details:*

Have you considered owning any other breeds, If so which?*

What has made you choose a ST Bernard as your family pet?*

Where will the dog live?*

How often will this puppy/dog be left alone? & how long for?*

IF or When your dog is home alone how will it be confined?*

Are you looking for a:*

Are you looking for a Rough Coat (Long) or Shorthair*

When would you like to get your puppy?*

Are you looking for a:*

What type of activities would you like to do with your puppy/dog? (check all that apply)*

Please state (in your opinion) what you consider to be the approx cost to care for a St Bernard per week:*

Would you consider an Older dog/Rescue*

Anything else you would like me to know about you & your family?*

KC Registrations will be endorsed with: Progeny not elligible for Registration & Not elligible for Export (unless prior agreement has been made). Please show that you accept these conditions as they will form part of the sales contract between us & a*

You agree that we undertake the right to ask for a Home & Vet check prior to placing any puppy with you*

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