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I will lend to you for a while, a pup, God said

For you to love them while they live and mourn for them when they're dead.

Maybe for twelve or fourteen years, or maybe two or three

But will you, until I call them back, take care of them for me?

They’ll bring their charms to gladden you and (should their stay be brief)

You’ll always have some memories as solace for your grief.

I cannot promise they will stay, since all from earth return

But there are lessons taught below I want this pup to learn.

I’ve looked the whole world over in search of teachers true

And from the folk that crowd’s life’s land I have chosen you

Now will you give them all your love Nor think the labour vain,

Nor hate me when I come to take my pup back again.

I fancied that I heard them say “Dear lord thy will be done”

For all the joys this pup will bring, the risk of grief we’ll run

We’ll shelter them with tenderness, we’ll love them while we may

And for the happiness we’ve known forever grateful stay.

But should you call them back much sooner than we’ve planned,

We’ll brave the bitter grief that comes to try and understand.

If, by our love, we’ve managed, your wishes to achieve,

In memory of those we loved, to help us while we grieve.

When our faithful bundle departs this world of strife,

Maybe we’ll have yet another pup and love it all its’ life.

'Author Unknown'

Chandlimore the Challenger with Lanebern

18/04/2005- 15/02/2014

Danny fell asleep suddenly at home in our arms after a short illness. We will miss his naughty ways.

Reunited with Sister Angel at the Rainbow Bridge xx

Öppis Speziells For Lanebern - 'Heidi'

26/03/2004 - 19/01/2014

Heidi fell asleep at home aged nearly 10 years. Heidi did not have any illness, simply Old age took her from us.

See you at the Bridge 


Saintjacks Pride of Justice for Lanebern - 'LV'

Sadly after suffering several seizures at home, we had to say goodbye to our lovely LV.

Our hearts were broken once again with the awful disease Epilepsy

Sleep Tight baby girl xx

22/09/2009 - 07/03/2012

Pippanabbey Power Play with Lanebern CJW'06 - Cody

22/11/2004 - 07/01/2012

Our hearts are truly broken to have lost our beautiful boy Cody very suddenly. There is a very big gap here at home without him, he is being missed by all the family, both canine & Human. Our days will certainly be very long without him

RIP My Special Boy, until we are united at Rainbow Bridge x 


Bramarley Pandora By Lanebern 'Maisie'

17/06/2006 - 06/09/2010

We are very deeply saddened to have lost our Lovely Girl Maisie. She was a delight to own & show & a wonderful walking companion for Steve. Until we meet again x x

 Laneberns Making Waves - 'Pumba'

Words cannot express the anguish & devastation that we feel at the loss of our lovely boy, again Taken too quickly & so young, like his Sister Simone.

Until we meet again x x

16/06/2007 - 10/02/2010

Pumba @ 6mths

CH Laneberns Leading Lady 'JW' - 'Simone'

I held you in my arms as you fell asleep, tears of sorrow running down my cheeks, we gave you life, but also took it away, but in my heart you will always stay. Run free my Princess, until we meet again x x x

16/06/2007 - 11/01/2011Words cannot express the anguish & devastation that we feel at the loss of our lovely Princess. Taken too quickly & so young, there will never be another like her. Sadly Epilepsy in our breed is far more prevalent than is admitted or acknowledged. It is only when we are faced with it, can we understand the devastation of the disease. As breeders & owners we need to OPEN our EYES & see this problem, not hide it. 



16/09/2004 - 07/10/2009

On 7th October 2009 Giorgio fell asleep & left us for Rainbow Bridge. He had not been ill, it was very sudden & unexpected. To say we are heartbroken is an understatement. He took my soul with him.

We will miss you so much 'Giorgie' - Run free until we meet again x x

 Drosera Hazel at Lanebern - 'Bella'

Sire: Ravensbank Cream of the Crop at Abbarsian

It is a great sadness to report that Bella left us on 5th Dec 2009. We will miss her so much.

Bella was our very First St Bernard & was bought for me by my husband in August 2001 shortly after I recovered from Cancer.

Bella has done very well, often winning her class, and in 2003 she was Reserve Saint Bernard Dog of the Year at the Eastern Saint Bernard Club.


(Akura Touch of Class for Lanebern)

08/04/2004 - 23/01/2005

Inca joined us from the Akura St Bernards & Great Dane kennel in Essex.

She made her debut into the showring in October 2004 & enjoyed her short showing career. She was placed each time out. Her main accolade was being placed 3rd out of 26 in her class at the Midland & West Great Dane CH Show in November 2004!!!

In January 2005 Inca became very ill & sadly we lost her. She has left a big gap here at Lanebern & all that loved her still miss her today x x x


(November 2004 - August 2005)

Tara was 'fostered' by us here when she was only 4 months old.

She was a lively character, and was great friends with Cody who was also the same age when she came to stay.

Sadly in June 2005 she became very ill & after many forms of treatment it was a heart wrenching decision to let her go.

We miss our little clown.... until we meet again x x x


(August 1992 - December 2005)

Pip joined us when she was only 3 months old from the National Canine Defence League in Kennelworth.

She had been 'dumped' there with her 7 littermates . Pip was the usual bundle of trouble, getting into everything.

She was great at Agility & obedience which she loved. Pip gained all of her Good Citizens Awards & loved every minute getting them!

Old age & kidney failure decided her fate in November 2005 when she left us to fall asleep forever x x x


(October 25th 2001 - 15th March 2007)

Sammy was the most gentle man you could ever meet. He loved nothing more than to greet you at the door with a big kiss & a Saint hug. He was always smiling, wagging that tail & looking for a dangling hand to place his head under for a well earned scratch!

Sammy was only 9months old when he came to live with us after his previous owners were unable to look after him anymore. He wanted for absolutely nothing, yet he gave so much to those around him

I don't think we will ever have another like him, nor love another saint the way we all loved Sammy.

Until we can run together again my special boy, I will miss you forever ... you have taken my heart with you .... x x x x


(November 2006 - July 2007)

Monty was a character - Thats for sure. We were devastated to learn that he had became ill, and was to leave his new friends Sandra & Rob.

You will always be the special one Monty, We think of you every day. Our thoughts are with Sandra & Rob who lost a great friend x x

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