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Bringing our website up to date

We have been a bit lapse updating our website lately as we have been busy with show, & family.

We hope that in the coming weeks we will be able to bring our site upto date with our news.

Our Year 2014

We have had quite a busy year away from the show ring this year, with activities around family & home, so showing has been a bit sparse. . Tia also has had a few bad turns with a severe Pyometra & then a GDV.. Thankfully she has come through both.

We also suffered several losses of our older furs this year, so all round its not been a great year. We said our goodbyes to Heidi, Danny, Kara & Blossom

The shows we have done, we have done very well at & our youngsters are on their way to what we hope are great futures.

We have some exciting times ahead that we will no doubt share with many of our friends.

Wishing you all a Happy, Healthy & Successful 2015

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CRUFTS 2014 - Multi & UK CH Unknown Legend In Si Minore

We were only too pleased to be asked by Vittorio Fabbrini of the In Si Minore kennel in Italy, to assist him in helping his beautiful Female 'Stella' return to the UK, & to organise & attend a necessary vet check so that the UK Kennel Club could confirm her long awaited UK CH title.

We did not campaign Stella in the UK at any time whilst she gained her CC's. We have only assisted Vittorio in organising her vet check.

Stella was awarded her crowning 3rd CC under breed specialist Michael Wensley, at the English St Bernard Club CH Show in February 2013. Due to a change in KC rules that came into play in 2012, a new CH title holder (HP Breeds) must undergo a vet check by an appointed Kennel Club vet, in order to have their CH status confirmed & certificate issued.

Unfortunately, Stella returned to Italy several weeks after receiving her 3rd CC, without her vet check pass to confirm her title.

This was the reason for Stella's return to the UK in March 2014.

Stella was brought to the UK for a few days by a friend of Vittorio's & spent a few days with us here. She then attended a very thorough vet check on Saturday 9th March 2014 at Crufts dog show & passed it with flying colours. Stella was not here for exhibition. We were thrilled for her owners in Italy. Stella then spent the day in the Discover Dogs Area being fussed over which she thoroughly enjoyed.

Stella is the sister to our Lovely Max & Aunt to Savannah & her brother Dakota, our upcoming puppies for 2014. 

MULTI & UK CH Unknown Legend In Si Minore - 'Stella'

Thank you Vittorio for asking our assistance in what is an important stage for gaining her UK Title.

See photos of Stella in Discover Dogs in our Photo Gallery

Stella's official titles are:



English St Bernard Club CH SHOW 2012 BIS WINNER,




The Biggest Dog show in the World!

We once again competed at Crufts with just 3 of our girls this year & we were thrilled with our results.

The baby of the family, Rooby (Laneberns Ruby Slippers) Won 1st place in her Junior Class from 4 entries & her sister Faith (Laneberns Yours Faithfully owned by Gavin Andrews, Stacey Dunn & Heather Rollo Jones) placed 3rd in the same class.

Rooby in the Ring at Crufts 2014

 Faith strutting her stuff in the ring at Crufts (Below)

Our little 'whirlwind' aka Giorgia, was placed 2nd in her Post Graduate class from 6 entries, qualifying her for Crufts 2015.

Our old lady of the day, Tia (aged 7 1/2) was also respectfully placed 2nd in her Veteran Class.

We were delighted to also meet up with friends from overseas for the first time & catch up with many people who we haven't seen in a long time. Overall, a great start to the year.

Hipscore Results - Laneberns Yours Faithfully - Faith

We are thrilled to hear that the Hipscore results for faith are a total of 19.

Faith is Co-owned by Gavin Andrews, Stacey Dunn & Heather Rollo-Jones.

Faith is litter sister to our Rooby.

A Fresh New year - 2014

As we start the new year, I am thankful to be back in the literal driving seat & back in the show ring!

We started the new year at Coventry Ladies Open show on New Years day & had a great win with our lovely new baby Lanebern Blue Savannah (Savvy to her friends) winning BPIB & PG2.

Savannah has had 4 shows since her debut on 28/12/2013, each with either a Group place or shortlist. We are excited for her future & hope her success continues.

Our Lady has also had a few good wins this year so far. Twice with BOB & a G4 place!

At the annual Dog of the Year event in February, Giorgia was Reserve Best Puppy Bitch.

We have also received the Hipscore results for Giorgia & delighted with them being a total of 21.

Sadly just a few short weeks into the year, we said goodbye to not just 1 but 2 of our furkids. Our old girl Heidi who would have been 10 in March, fell asleep at home. Heidi hadn't been ill, it was simply old age that took its toll.

A few weeks later, we then said goodbye to our Danny.

Danny had been suffering with his heart for a number of years (he is nearly 9 afterall!), but he sadly suffered a seizure a few weeks ago, which took its toll. Danny then had another on Thursday 13th Feb, and this was followed by 2 severe ones and a final fatal one whilst we were making our way to go to the vet on Saturday 15th February. Danny collapsed & died in our arms at home. He was a great character & both he & heidi are going to be so missed by us all.

Heres to 2014 & the ups & downs it will bring.

The Ups & Downs of 2013

To say 2013 was a bit of a rollercoaster would be an understatement!!

We started the year with a TV appearance & ended the year with a hopeful new addition to the family.

During the months in between, we were building new kennels, raising puppies, showing our new additions & learning how to use crutches!!

In August I unfortunately had a rather nasty accident that left me in plaster for nearly 10 weeks! I tore the ligaments in my ankle, which rendered me helpless on all levels. I had to do as i was told & rest, keeping my leg up .. Not easy with a house filled with 8 St Bernards all wanting to 'help'. Thankfully at the end of October the plaster was finally removed & i was allowed to get up & about with the aid of Crutches & a protection 'boot' which was more of a hindrance than a help! Driving however, was a few weeks away still.

It was just after Christmas when I decided that i had to get back in the driving seat & back to the showring, albeit an open show. So this i did. I can't say it wasn't painful, but i am pleased I did. Its been great being back out & about.

One thing is for sure, we should never take our legs for granted! Its only when we are incapacitated that we really appreciate them!

I cant end the news for 2013 without a huge thank you to all our friends who would offer help & generally try to keep my spirits up. Simon & Yvonne Millward especially who helped in more ways than anyone would expect - Thank you guys!

And last, but not least, my Husband Steve who did everything possible to keep me comfortable & my pain at ease. Between work, looking after the dogs, the house & me (I do NOT make a good patient!!) he did a grand job!

Tia appears on The ONE Show !

We were thrilled to be invited onto BBC1's 'The ONE Show' on 22/01/2013 with our lovely Tia. Bernard Cribbins was also a guest on the show. Check out Tia's page for photos. This is Tia's third assignment in media. She has also worked in a photo studio & on location for a photo shoot & also theater.

Working & Pastoral Breeds of Scotland - Nov 2012

Another good day for us all at this show. TJ was placed 3rd in PGD, Rooney Won OD Class. Tia also won her Class, OB. The highlight of the day was my Good friends Yvonne & Simon Millward winning Res CC on their own bred girl Angel who is sired by our George, & Hazel Thomas winning Res DCC with her young Smooth dog Eddie, who is the litter Brother of our Lady & George & sired by Our Rooney. Celebrations all round that night!!!

Our Roadtrip to the In Si Minore Kennel - Italy!

In October 2012, we & Yvonne Millward packed our bags & headed off for our 2440 mile round roadtrip to Italy to visit the In Si Minore Kennel owned by Vittorio Fabbrini.

Our Main reason for the trip was to collect the delightful Guilia, a puppy bred by Vittorio headed to the UK for Diane Deuchar-Fawcett in Scarborough.

We were also delighted, to be literally given the truly delightful Max (Ultimate Blues In Si Minore) to bring home here to our home. Max is a true gentleman, he has a brilliant temperament, great size & a wonderful person to have around the house .. .....a real credit to his breeder, Vittorio. Thank you!

Midland Counties CH Show - Oct 2012

We had a good day at Midland Counties CH show under Judge Jeff Luscott who gave his first set of CC's for St Bernards.

Our TJ came 2nd in PGD, Rooney came 4th in OD. We campaigned our New Puppy Georgia who was 6 months old on the day & had a great time bouncing round the ring!! Georgia is the daughter of our TJ & she gained a respectable 2nd place in MPB class, which qualified her for Crufts 2013. Our Tia won her LB class & also the Reserve Challenge Certificate, giving her a Stud Book Number & life qualification for Crufts Dog show. 

Richmond CH Dog Show 2012

We had a fantastic day at Richmond show. First with our TJ winning PGD Class, then the RESERVE DOG CHALLENGE CERTIFICATE!.

Our girls also did well - Domino came 3rd in Junior Bitch, Tia came 2nd in Limit Bitch & Lady 2nd in Open Bitch.

Thank you to our Breed Specialist Judge Mrs Linda Martin (Marlender)

Hipscore Results

We are absolutely thrilled to have received Ravens Hipscore results.

L6 & R3 total 9

Taylors Scores are also back from the BVA L15 & R15 total 30

A Few new arrivals at Lanebern!

We are very lucky to have been given the opportunity to own some wonderful imported dogs from Hungary & Norway so far this year!

We also have a new arrival in the form of our Pug puppy, Pickle, who is causing quite a stir in the Lanebern household!

Have a look on our Import & Export page for upto date news!

IKC Celtic Winners show - March 2012

We had a very successful trip over the pond to Ireland to the IKC Celtic winners show. Our Taylor (Lanebern Taylor Made) came 2nd in Longhair Junior Dog, our Rooney (IR CH Abbotsbury Volcano with Chandlimore) won his CH Shorthair Dog Class, but the highlight of the day was our Lady (IR CH Finetime Shady Lady by Lanebern) winning Open Bitch, Green Star Bitch (her 7th) & BEST OF BREED in shorthair & gained her IRISH CHAMPION TITLE & CELTIC WINNER '12.

We were also delighted to share the very sucessful day of Brian & Margaret O'Sullivan of Bulabos St Bernards in Rep of Ireland. Robbie (IR CH Lanebern Black Magic Ir Jun CH, CJW'11 & CW'12) won CH Longhair Dog, Green Star Dog & BEST OF BREED. Also, 'Mirrac' (Opydkes Midnight Miracle) who is Co-Owned by ourselves & Brian & Margaret, attended his first show in Ireland won his Open Shorthair Dog Class, Green Star Dog & Res Best of Breed. Their other success of the day was their young girl Nimah (Islamorada Ruby Tuesday) won her Junior Longhair Bitch Class, Green Star Bitch & Reserve Best of Breed. They also won the Reserve Green Star with CH Islamorada Amazing Grace (Mia)!

Thank you to Mr Paul Lawless for awarding both Bulabos & Lanebern both sets of Green Stars today!

Great Day at Crufts - March 2012

We were delighted to attend Crufts Dog show on 10th March 2012.

We had a great day with all our dogs & some that were bred by us, living in Ireland.

We were thrilled that our 'TJ' - Lanebern The Magician not only won his Post Graduate Class, but also the RESERVE DOG CHALLENGE CERTIFICATE!

Our Short Hair boy 'Rooney' came 2nd in his Open Dog Class.

Our girls also did well with 'Tia' coming 3rd in her Post Graduate Bitch class & our Short hair Girl Lady coming 3rd in Open Bitch.

We were also very proud of 'Robbie' (IR CH Lanebern Black Magic CJW'11) who came to Crufts for the first time all the way from Rep of Ireland. Robbie came 5th in a good Open Dog Class.

Thank you to Judge Mr Robin Searle for thinking & awarding our dogs so highly 

                The Irish Munster Circuit - Aug 2011

We were once again delighted to attend this years 'Circuit' of 4 CH Dog shows in one week covering the Rep of Ireland. We also attended Navan CH dog show, which although is not part of the 'Circuit' it is worth doing too!

With a Dog we bred (who resides in Ireland) & dogs we own we are delighted to have massed 9 Green Stars & 4 Reserve Green Stars during this busy week.

Our highlight of the week was being awarded the final 2 Green Stars on our Smooth Boy 'Rooney' gaining him his IRISH CHAMPION title & then winning a further 2 more during the week & his daughter 'Lady' being awarded another 2 Green Stars, giving her 5 of the 7 needed to also become an IRISH CHAMPION.

We were also Very Proud to watch our own bred boy 'Robbie' (Lanebern Black Magic IR JUN CH, CJW'11) owned by Brian & Margaret O'Sullivan of Bulabos St Bernards, Clonmel, Ireland pick up a further 4 Green Stars this week, leaving him just ONE more to gain for his IRISH CHAMPION Title.

Thank you to all the Judges concerned for making this a memorable week & a HUGE thank you to our Dear Friends Margaret & Brian for inviting us to stay, making it a truly memorable 'holiday'. 


We are absolutely thrilled & proud to report that 'Robbie' aka Lanebern Black Magic IR Jun CH, CJW'11 has today gained his 7th Green Star with BEST OF BREED. This win gives Robbie his much deserved IRISH CHAMPION TITLE!! Thank you so much to Margaret & Brian O'Sullivan of Bulabos St Bernards in Ireland for the time, attention to detail & most of all, for Loving this very special boy so much!

News in 2011

July 2011


Rooney 2nd Open Smooth Dog

Lady wins Open Smooth Bitch

LV Wins Limit Bitch & RESERVE BCC

June 2011

SOESBC Open Show

Taylor 2nd MPD

Rooney 2nd Open Smooth Dog & RES BEST DOG


Lady Wins Open Smooth Bitch

Cork CH Show - Ireland

Rooney wins Open Smooth Dog, Graded Excellent GREEN STAR DOG & BOB

Raven 3rd Short Hair Puppy Bitch, graded Very Promising

Lady wins Open Smooth Bitch, Graded Excellent & GREEN STAR BITCH

Munster Canine CH Show - Ireland

Rooney wins Open Smooth Dog, Graded Excellent & Res Green Star

Raven Wins Short Hair Puppy Bitch, graded Very Promising & Res Green Star

Lady wins Open Smooth Bitch, Graded Excellent & GREEN STAR BITCH

May 2011

Fermoy International CH Show- Ireland

LV Wins Intermediate Bitch Class Graded Excellent

Rooney wins Open Smooth Dog, Graded Excellent & Res Green Star

Lady 2nd Intermediate Smooth Bitch, Graded Excellent

South Tipperary CH Show - Ireland

Taylor Wins Puppy Dog Class - Graded V Promising

LV Wins Intermediate Bitch Class Graded Excellent

Rooney wins Open Smooth Dog, Graded Excellent & Res Green Star

Lady WINS Intermediate Smooth Bitch, Graded Excellent & Res Green Star

 April 2011

The United St Bernard Club Open Show

Taylor wins Minor Puppy Dog Class & Res Best Dog Puppy at his Debut show

Rooney wins Special Open Smooth Dog & BEST SMOOTH IN SHOW

Lady WINS 1st place in Special Open Smooth Bitch & Res Best Smooth in Show

LV WINS 1st place in a strong Post Graduate Bitch Class, BEST BITCH & RES BEST IN SHOW!!

TJ is placed 4th in Post Graduate Dog

Lady WINS 1st place in Junior Bitch

March 2011

IKC Celtic Winners Show - Ireland

(all dogs graded Excellent or Very Promising for Puppies, the highest they can be graded under FCI)

Taylor wins Puppy Dog

Rooney wins Open Shorthair dog & Res Green Star

Raven wins Puppy Bitch Shorthair Class

Lady WINS 1st place in Intermediate Bitch

We were excited to attend another CRUFTS dog show this year with good results.

Lady WINS 1st place in Special Junior Bitch

LV is placed 2nd in a large & strong Post Graduate Bitch Class.

February 2011

The English St Bernard Club CH Show

Cody' wins Veteran Dog/Bitch class. He then went on to win the DCC giving him his UK CHAMPION TITLE!!


Rooney wins Open Smooth Dog class & was shortlisted to the final 4 for consideration Rooney of the top awards.

Lady is placed 2nd in Junior Bitch & LV is placed 3rd in Post Graduate Bitch - Both qualifying for CRUFTS 2012

Thank you to the Judge Kari Augestrad from Estepona

News in 2010

13/11/2010 - At Cloghran All Breed CH Show, Ireland, Rooney wins Open Smooth Dog class & Green Star Dog & BOB for Smooth Dog. George was exhibited for the Very First time in Ireland & wins Puppy Dog (Shorthair) & Reserve Green Star!. TJ was exibited for the first time in Junior Dog (Longhair) & wins his class, Graded Excellent. Lady Wins Puppy Bitch (Shorthair) class, Graded Very Promising (The highest grading a puppy can receive) & GREEN STAR BITCH & RBOB!. Thank you to the Judge Alan Rostrun.


25/09/2010 - At The United St Bernard Club CH Show, Rooney wins 2nd in Open Smooth Dog. George was exhibited for the Very First time & wins 2nd in Puppy Dog & qualifies for Crufts 2011. TJ was exibited for the first time in Junior Dog (at 11mths old) & is placed 2nd. Lady Wins Puppy Bitch & BPIS!. LV is placed 2nd in Graduate Bitch. Thank you to the Judge Michawl Quinney


14 -21/08/2010 - We attended the Munster Circuit again this year in Ireland & had some wonderful Results. It was the First time Lady & TJ were exhibited in Ireland. Rooney wins All Open Smooth Dog classes & All Reserve Green Stars for Smooth Dogs at all 5 shows. TJ was exibited for the first time in Puppy Dog (Longhair). He wins 1 x Puppy Dog class & 4 x 2nd places at the 5 shows. Lady Wins 4 x Puppy Bitch (Shorthair) classes & 1 x 2nd Place. thank you to all the Judges & we hope to see you all again in 2011


 06/09/2010 - We are devastated to have 

lost our lovely Maisie - Bramarley Pandora by Lanebern. Words cannot express the deep saddness we feel


June 2010 - At Blackpool All Breed CH Show, Cody wins 3rd in Open Dog. TJ was exibited for the first time this year (at 8 mths old) & wins Minor Puppy Dog & BPIB. LV wins Puppy Bitch class. Thank you to the Judge Ms Hazel Thomas


At the Hibernian CH Show in Ireland under Judge Mr T Johnstone, Cody' Wins Open Dog & his 7th Green Star & BOB (Longhair), This gives Cody his IR CH title. Rooney Wins Open Dog &,res Green Star (Shorthair) All dogs graded Excellent


10/02/2010 - We are devastated to have

lost our lovely boy Pumba - Laneberns Making Waves. he was the litter brother to our lovely Simone. Words cannot express the deep saddness we feel


11/01/2010 - We are devastated to have

lost our beautiful Princess Simone. She was our first CHAMPION here at Lanebern & the house is not the same without her.

Words cannot express the deep saddness we feel


News in 2009

December 2009

05/12/2009 - We are saddened to have 

lost our beloved Bella at the age of 8 1/2 after a battle with the dreaded 'Bloat'.

We are missing her greatly & words cannot express the anguish we are feeling.

October 2009

'Simone Wins Open Bitch, Bitch CC & Res BEST OF BREED at South wales Championship Show under Breed judge Mr A Long-Doyle from Ireland (Longsdoyle) This is Simones 4th CC in 5 weeks!!

'Cody' is placed 4th in Open Dog, at at South wales Championship Show under Breed judge Mr A Long-Doyle from Ireland (Longsdoyle)

10/10/2009 - 'Bunny' is placed 3rd in Puppy Bitch, at South wales Championship Show under Breed judge Mr A Long-Doyle from Ireland (Longsdoyle) Bunny Qualified

for Crufts today

On 7th October 2009 Giorgio fell asleep &

left us for Rainbow Bridge. He had not been ill, it was very sudden & unexpected. To say we are heartbroken is an understatement. He took my soul with him. We will miss you so much 'Giorgie' - Run free until we meet again x x

September 2009 'Simone Wins Open Bitch, Bitch CC & BEST OF BREED at The United St Bernard club Championship Show under Breed judge Mr T Nagrecha (Chandlimore) This is Simones 3rd CC in 3 weeks!! she is now a UK CHAMPION!!

'Cody' is placed 4th in Open Dog, at The United St Bernard Club Championship Show under Breed judge Mr T Nagrecha (Chandlimore)