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Imports & Exports

If you are interested in importing one of our dogs, please Contact Us & let us know what you are looking for. We will be very happy to try & help you.

Alternatively, if you are looking to import semen from any of our Stud Dogs, please contact us for details.

Any dogs that are exported by us will feature on this page.

Ultimate Blues In Si Minore - Max

In October 2012, we & Yvonne Millward packed our bags & headed off for our 2440 mile round roadtrip to Italy to visit the In Si Minore Kennel owned by Vittorio Fabbrini.

Our Main reason for the trip was to collect the delightful Guilia, a puppy bred by Vittorio headed to the UK for Diane Deuchar-Fawcett in Scarborough.

We were also delighted, to be literally given the truly delightful Max (Ultimate Blues In Si Minore) to bring home here to our home. Max is a true gentleman, he has a brilliant temperament, great size & a wonderful person to have around the house .. .....a real credit to his breeder, Vittorio. Thank you!

Kertesi Barsony Dick

We are delighted to welcome to our home our new Shorthair puppy 'Hudson' all the way from Hungary.

Hudson has some great & well known bloodlines in his pedigree & is a great nephew to our lovely boy Opdykes Going My Way to Lanebern - 'Giorgio'

Hudson has settled in very well now he has been here a good few weeks & enjoying life to the full.

We thank Tibor Gasbar of the Kertesi Barsony kennel for this lovely boy & Peter Nagy for the arrangements & delivery to Munich.

Toffe Loffe Number One - 'Ona'

We are delighted to welcome to our home a very nice girl who was bred by Anne Brita Proven Tangen & Jan Eric of Toffe Loffe in Norway.

Ona has settled in beautifully as though she has always lived here. Another well balanced in body & mind dog from Europe with some lovely breeding.

A Big thank you also must go to Gina Bradwell who gave us the opportunity to purchase Ona for ourselves from her, after she was brought to the UK for Ginas own breeding Programme in South Africa. Sadly due to Gina becoming more ill & unable to continue with her plans, we were offered the opportunity to buy & own the lovely Ona which we accepted.

Import from Norway

We are delighted to be welcoming to our home a lovely bitch from the Bernegarden Kennel in norway.

Bernegardens Peach Blossom - 'Blossom' as she is known, hasjoined us & has settled extremely well. Keep an eye on this page for pictures & updates after her arrival.

A big thank you to Britt for sending us this lovely girl.

Blossoms Parents:

SIRE: Multi, AM CH Lasquite Dakota Von Iceman x DAM: Numebamsen Isabel

Import from Italy

We are proud to announce the arrival of 'Giorgio' aka Opdykes Going My Way who we have imported from the In Si Minore Kennels in Italy.

Giorgio has proved to be a very valuable stud dog to us in the past & is the Sire of Simone & Pumba, so we were delighted when we were offered to buy him.

Export to Bermuda

We are very excited that one of our co-owned litter with Millvosi St Bernards from our stud dog Pumba will be going to live with Nikita Hunt & her family in Bermuda. Pictures of him below.

Meet Xe-Rox (Millvosi Xerox) he will be departing the UK on June 4th to head off to his new life in Bermuda. He sure is one lucky puppy!!

4th June 2009 - Xerox arrives safe & well in Bermuda, Happy days little one

Pictures of him as he just arrived & meeting his new family

This is Nikita & her lovely family in Bermuda

Export to Bermuda

We are delighted & very proud that this little lady is now living with Alli Macintyre in Bermuda! What a lucky Girl!

'Maggie' - aka Laneberns My Fair Lady

06/08/2008 - Maggie has arrived safe & well in Bermuda! She has settled well & appears to be enjoying herself!

Here she is 24hrs after arriving:

We will post pictures of Maggie as she grows & enjoys life in Bermuda

Recent Photos

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